Welcome to Thassos which is the northernmost island of the Aegean with a distance of 6.5 miles from the coast of Macedonia, an area of 379km2 and a coast line of about 90km.

It was named after Thasso, the son of Poseidon, whereas it was named Idonis, Aithria, Aeria, Agygia, and Chrisi in the ancient times.

Its history proves that this unique place of north Aegean was developed as an important commercial center that connected the ancient Greece with the Black Sea. Today, Thassos is a contemporary verdurous island since it is covered with thousands of pine-trees and olive trees. It attracts thousands of tourists because it a wonderful interior and unique beaches with crystal water ideal from every kind of activities.

A great road network links the capital, Limenas, with all the mountainous and coastal village of the isalnd while ferry lines connect the island with Kavala and Keramoti daily.

The high quality virgin oil, the famous Thassian honey, the traditional sweets and the world renowned white Thassian marble that is exported worldwide are some of the most well-known products of the island. Are you looking for dream vacations?

The endless hours of swimming in the crystal waters, the ecstatic nightlife, the high quality Thassian dishes combined with the tours around the archeological treasures and the popular sights of the island make Thassos the absolute summer destination.

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